China moves hard on North American lithium

China moves hard on North American lithium

Here’s how a stealth move by the Chinese put a little-known resource junior, QMC Quantum Minerals Corp. on a fast track for new lithium production and explosive share price growth! Act fast on this one; you could win big!
While America and China continue to squabble over trade issues, China has embarked on another key step in its plans to dominate world lithium production. China’s plans are no secret; they’re preparing aggressively for a future driven by battery-power vehicles. And unless science discovers a radically new technology for storing electricity, virtually all those vehicles will be powered by lithium-ion batteries.
If you follow their lead, you could make a fortune from this seemingly inevitable long-term growth. But there are short-term opportunities as well, some of which could return quick triple-digit gains for those who make the right moves now. Here’s one deserving your immediate attention.
There’s enormous profit potential here, if you know where to look. Bloomberg reports in its Electric Vehicle Outlook 2018: “Our latest forecast shows sales of electric vehicles (EVs) increasing from a record 1.1 million worldwide in 2017, to 11 million in 2025 and then surging to 30 million in 2030 as they become cheaper to make than internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. China will lead this transition, with sales there accounting for almost 50% of the global EV market in 2025.” (Emphasis added.)
At the top of the prospect list is a junior exploration company, QMC Quantum Minerals Corp (TSX-V:QMC; OTC:QMCQF; FSE:3LQ), positioned to be a major beneficiary from a recent, stealth move by Chinese lithium buyers.The emerging story is that thanks to the Chinese move, Quantum is close to being discovered for proving what could be one of the largest hard rock lithium deposits in North America! You’d be wise to move quickly on this while its stock can still be had for pocket change! Getting in now could be worth a fortune! First, consider the scale of what is taking place in lithium markets and why the Chinese are after it so aggressively. Some think the boom is done, far from it. By 2025, projections are that world production of electric vehicles (EVs) will accelerate ten-fold off today’s figures. Add another dozen years and EV sales are projected skyrocket nearly 50-fold!
Billions of lithium-ion batteries will be needed to power these vehicles, which easily makes lithium the “petroleum” of the future. China is betting big on this. They’ve already moved aggressively to dominate lithium-ion battery production by cornering four-fifths of the world’s current lithium production. But with the projected growth in demand for batteries soaring, even that is not enough to meet future needs.
China knows this and they’re moving fast to avert a lithium supply crisis. Their resource focus for future incremental supply has shifted away from brine to hard rock lithium. Across the globe, China has deployed teams of buyers to find and secure hard rock lithium prospects. They already control vast quantities of Australian hard rock, now they’re looking in North America.

Follow their money. It leads straight to where new opportunities are emerging.

Recently, Chinese buyers turned attention on North American resources and in doing so, moved in on a long-forgotten hard rock lithium prospect in Manitoba province now being worked by QMC Quantum Minerals.

The Chinese company behind this move is Sinomine Resource Group. They committed $130 million to acquire a hard rock milling plant on site despite the fact that no lithium is currently being mined on the prospect! But their move exposes a fact that few investors know today; there’s lithium in the ground and Quantum Minerals is Sinomine’s neighbor! As this story plays out that could trigger a run on QMC Quantum shares.

As you will learn later in this report, QMC Quantum is pressing hard for production and shipment of lithium ore to the Sinomine milling plant later this year!

This story goes back decades!

The site of the plant and Quantum’s lithium prospect has a long history of lithium production dating as far back as the 1950s. In fact, the entire property was divided in half, a northern and a southern region.

QMC Quantum Minerals Corp.


Key question: Why would Sinomine commit $130 million for a processing plant?

Because Sinomine likely knows a massive hard rock lithium resource lies right next door, Quantum Minerals plans to mine it and Sinomine will have first crack at that ore!
The previous owners built a milling plant and began mining the southern region. By the 90s, the southern lithium resource played out. The northern region, now owned by QMC Quantum Minerals, was prepped to mine, but left untouched. However, that was not for lack of lithium resources!
Historical records dating from the 1950s point to significant occurrences of spodumene, the primary source rock for lithium, found at or near surface throughout the prospect.

From those records, an estimated resource of 1.2 million tons of high grade ore was calculated on Quantum land. But recent exploration by Quantum suggests that the actual resource could be three to four-times greater.

At present, the value of QMC Quantum’s lithium resources are not priced into its shares. That could change quickly.

QMC Quantum has been feverishly working to update resource data and properly report its potential value. The company states that it is close to announcing updated resource calculations, so investors who are interested in an early position should act quickly.

As new announcements are made, the confirmed value of QMC Quantum’s lithium resource could send share prices soaring out of its current 20¢ trading range. And those will be just preliminary resource figures.

To stay on top of this, visit the company’s website and sign on for their email news announcements atwww.qmcminerals.com

QMC Quantum’s ongoing exploration work can expand the scope of their lithium resources opening the potential for even more ore deposits to be discovered and value calculated.

Sinomine saw the potential as well and moved on the milling plant to process and control the end product. At present, the milling plant is processing caesium ore, which will likely play out within the decade. Based on their acquisition price, the real interest appears to be the future in producing lithium concentrate from locally mined ore. With Quantum just 12 miles to the north on what could prove to be millions of tons of high-grade lithium ore…the circumstances appear ideal for all involved!

Here’s the key: Chinese companies need the lithium concentrate that is milled from the ore. That’s likely why Sinomine wants the milling plant, to control production of concentrate destined for China.

There may have been little guesswork in their decision. The milling plant and the property it sits on dates back to the 1950s when lithium was being mined on site. Production was so prolific that the capital outlay for installing a milling operation made sense. As a result, everything about this location was built for a singular purpose…to mine and process hard rock resources like lithium. Present day caesium output proves that the plant remains fully operational and ready to go! It’s turnkey for the Chinese and nearly turnkey for Quantum!

After the southern regions played out decades ago, attention turned to the northern region now owned by QMC Quantum Minerals.

Everyone believed that significant resources in high-grade lithium ore was present at the site. But instead of mining it, the owners walked away.At the time the milling plant was fetching around $11.50/ton for its lithium concentrate. It just didn’t make economic sense to produce more.Demand and prices were so weak that the owners chose not to risk any new capital going after the northern mine region. Today’s prices change everything. That same grade of lithium concentrate that got just $11.50 now sells upwards to $900/ton! And as noted at the top of this report,soaring growth in global sales of EV trucks and autos could send lithium prices flying into the thousands! The upside potential in future lithium prices is stunning!

All of that can accrue significant value to Quantum shareholders whose share prices are determined by the resource value of the lithium the company holds. Looking at historical records and more recent exploration, evidence now exists that suggests millions of tons of high-grade lithium ore are waiting for Quantum to evaluate

So, right now, the mine now owned by QMC Quantum shareholders could be worth hundreds of millions of dollars!

Exciting? Hang on, this is just getting started!

Over the coming years, Chinese plans to dominate global battery production. They’re forwarding those plans by moving quickly and aggressively on high-quality, large lithium resources wherever they can be found.

The fact that a Chinese company bought the milling plant just south of the QMC Quantum Minerals prospect speaks volumes to its resource potential! Quantum is wasting no time proving that potential and the company’s real shareholder value.

Management reports that results from their recent exploration, assaying, and 3D modeling could be made public any time now. As those results are released, the company will be filing all necessary paperwork to officially calculate and report its net resource potential.

You can find detailed reports on Quantum’s recent exploration progress on the company website. Go to: www.qmcminerals.com

The official NI 43-101 reports will quickly follow and for the first time the value of its lithium resources can be reflected in the company share price.
What’s more, the value of that lithium could be quickly multiplied from a risk-adjusted in situ resource value to an above ground, de-risked value!
http://www.qmcminerals.com “De-risked” means that the lithium is out of the ground, ready to ship. This is where Quantum holds another substantial advantage at this site.
The mining infrastructure is already in place. Highway access. Utilities. Permits. Key improvements and approval needed for the move to active mining have been previously completed by the prior owners or updated by Quantum.
The mining infrastructure is already in place. Highway access. Utilities. Permits. Key improvements and approval needed for the move to active mining have been previously completed by the prior owners or updated by Quantum.
At this point it’s possible that Quantum could have first production up and running later this year. That’s a remarkable timeline for a junior exploration company…it also suggests that Quantum’s share price won’t linger in its current penny stock range!
Company management reports on its website that as soon as it completes and files initial geology reports, it can begin mining almost immediately. This could happen any time now as the initial exploration work has already been done and samples submitted for testing.
“Once our qualifying geologist files an approved NI 43-101 report, QMC Quantum Minerals can move rapidly to bring the first parts of the Irgon Lithium Project into production.” -Quantum Minerals website
These are all important points to consider…and consider quickly. The time remaining to secure an early position may be fleeting.

This situation has been greatly accelerated by Sinomine’s move to acquire and take control of the milling plant south of the Quantum prospect. This is a big move by the Chinese that will undoubtedly draw attention to the entire prospect. It can also be big news in the lithium mining world. Before it played out, the southern site of the milling plant was the highest producing lithium mine in North America!
Company management believes that based on all data collected to date the northern prospect holds even greater promise than the southern. They became convinced of this just last year when they increased their land position on the prospect nearly four-fold. The company now holds 6,538 acres of contiguous mining claims. Only a fraction of that ground has been explored to date!

Further exploration could uncover resource potential that could establish the Quantum Minerals lithium project among the largest hard rock lithium projects in North America…perhaps even the largest.

What to expect now...

Though the current share price might suggest it, QMC Quantum Minerals is not your typical resource junior. It’s not sitting on a remote prospect drilling a few holes trying to find mineralization.

All the reports made public to date suggest that over the next few months QMC Quantum could quickly move from exploration stage to production on proved resource ore measuring in the millions of tons.

And just down the road appears an eager buyer for every ton of ore that QMC Quantum produces!

Next steps...

As this story becomes public, the impact on its share price could be staggering. But always proceed with care when making investment decisions. Despite all the promising reports, you should still consider Quantum Minerals to be a high risk investment. Any hiccup in the plan could lead to significant losses. So as you consider its shares for your growth portfolio, limit your commitment to what you are willing to lose.

At the same time, remember that a significant share position can be had for a modest investment. As of this writing, one thousand shares can be bought for around $200. At that price it doesn’t take much to get some skin in the game!

Since this is a fast moving story, it could pay you well to get started now with your research and due diligence. Below you will find a number of links to sites that provide more depth and detail. Most important (and useful) will be to go straight to the Quantum Minerals corporate website. This is an excellent site loaded with information about the company, the Manitoba lithium prospect, and progress reports to date.

While there, be sure to register your name and email address with the company. All future announcements and progress reports issued through the company’s email database can then be delivered immediately to your inbox. That should keep you ahead of the crowds and in position to move quickly on opportunity.


All of the majors in the lithium space are clamoring to increase their production in order to close the supply gap that all experts are predicting in the space. Quantum Minerals Corp (TSX-V:QMC; OTC:QMCQF; FSE:3LQ) is on schedule to make a run to become a major lithium producer in the coming years.

6 Key Reasons

To Immediately Consider QMC Quantum Minerals for Your Growth Portfolio:


Demand for lithium, driven largely by explosive sales of electric vehicles,is likely to over whelm all current global production. EV sales are projected to soar ten-fold over the next six years…50-fold at the end of two decades!


China is on track to dominate world lithium battery markets. Their buyers already control nearly 80% of global production. To meet expectations for soaring future demand for new lithium supplies, they are moving in on North American hard rock lithium resources.


To lock in control of lithium concentrate (the shippable product of hard rock mining), Chinese buyers committed $130 million to a milling plant on the most historically productive lithium resource in North America.


QMC Quantum Minerals took ownership of the northern region of that resource.That northern region has sat untouched with historically evaluated 1.2 million tons of high-grade lithium ore. Recent exploration and updated core analyses suggest that the actual resource could be many times that amount. Updates on those resource calculations are expected to be released soon.


The northern region now owned by QMC Quantum Minerals lies just 12.3 miles from the Chinese owned milling plant. Mining infrastructure is largely in place, production could get underway as early as this year with shipments trucked the short distance to the milling plant.


Quantum is prepared to reach production milestones in just months over what typically takes exploration juniors years (if ever!) to accomplish. This is a very quickly evolving story that deserves immediate attention!

Market Cap: $8.551 billion
Recent Headline: Albemarle Buys $1.15 Billion Stake In Lithium Mine In Australia

Albemarle Corporation is the current undisputed leader in lithium carbonate production—lithium produced in evaporation ponds. However, not all of the lithium giant’s business revolves around lithium, as it also produces other chemicals including bromine.

Livent Corporation

Market Cap: $2.13 billion
Recent Headline: Livent to grow lithium business as battery makers’ main partner
Newly IPO’d Livent Corporation is a pure-play lithium investment spun out from FMC Corp. While producing significantly less than Albemarle, Livent’s current production is 21,000 tons per year.

Sociedad Química y Minera de Chile S.A.

Market Cap: $10.865 billion
Recent Headline: SQM looking to tap lithium hydroxide demand
Chilean company SQM has produces lithium, as well as several other products in its brine ponds for decades, including industrial iodine, fertilizers, and other industrial chemicals. Between now and 2021, the company intends to more than double its lithium production from 70,000 to 180,000 tons by 2021. In order to reach its 2021 production goals.

Nemaska Lithium Inc.

Market Cap: $457.68 million
Recent Headline: Nemaska Lithium Provides Project Construction Update
Likely the next North American lithium mine, Nemaska Lithium’s Whabouchi Mine (and Shawinigan Electrochemical Plant) is expected to be completed and producing by the second half of 2020. According to their feasibility study, Nemaska’s capex on the project is approximately $875 million—of which $272.4 million has already been spent.

Useful links for further research...

For all official company information, current news, and to register your email address, go to the company website:www.qmcminerals.com

For an excellent in depth report from Bloomberg about projected growth in EV sales, go to:
To confirm Sinomine’s $130 million acquisition of the Cabot Corp milling operation, go to:
For more information about spudomene, the source rock for lithium mineralization, go to:
For more information about Canada’s official NI 43-101 reports and how those impact
valuation of a mining resource, go to:
United States Geological Survey 2016 Global Lithium report:

Facts and figures cited in this article were sourced from the above web addresses, the company website, author interviews with company officials, and from the following online resources:

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