Which one is best? Gold or Lithium?

by | Oct 28, 2020

Gold as it heads to $3,000! or Lithium, the power behind the electric vehicle revolution! You no longer have to choose!

Savvy investors have already driven up the price of both, but here’s one still undiscovered stock that’s like getting in on the early days of both:

QMC Quantum Minerals Corp.  OTC:QMCQF – TSX.V:QMC – FSE:3LQ

2020 has been an unpredictable year for the stock market.  Back in January, we had market highs and a strong, healthy, fully-employed economy.  Remember?  Then the global pandemic hit.

And if COVID-19 wasn’t enough to rial the markets, add the most divisive, turbulent, and consequential presidential elections in modern history.

We are inundated with fear-inducing news, whether it be about mail-in-ballots, the impact of the election outcome on stock prices, or the ever-present pandemic and what to anticipate as we enter fall and winter.

So, for most investors, it’s been an agonizing time of uncertainty.  And with markets having rebounded now to pre-pandemic highs the most haunting question now is will there be a nasty correction?

Who do you believe?

  • We are either on the edge of total disaster and the worst economic meltdown since 1929 . . .
  • Or the strongest period of economic growth ever with new record stock market highs becoming a regular occurrence.

I have my own opinion.  But no one knows for sure where the market will be in six months or a year.  And frankly, there’s a disaster-proof investment that should do well in either case.

I have been focusing my research on areas of investment that stand to prosper no matter what.

And I’ve identified two outstanding bullet-proof sectors, and I want to tell you about one single underpriced stock(OTC:QMCQF – TSX.V:QMC – FSE:3LQ) that stands to enjoy explosive appreciation because of its exposure to both.

I am talking of course about. . .

  • The continuing flight to safety caused by these uncertain times and the resulting continued rush to invest in Gold and. . .
  • The paradigm shift from fossil fuels to electric-powered vehicles and what that means long term for the lithium sector; lithium being of course the backbone of the batteries that store the electrical energy that even the most skeptical critics agree will soon be powering America.

Before I get to specific details on why this intriguing single stock (OTC:QMCQF – TSX.V:QMC – FSE:3LQ) is uniquely positioned to enjoy explosive return related to both Gold and lithium, lets quickly review why both these sectors are timely and conservative investments no matter what happens to the world in general.

GOLD, the traditional safety net in times of chaos and uncertainty.

Gold is the best investment in the world today, and it’s poised to go much higher in the years ahead.

Goldman Sachs recently posted it expects Gold to jump nearly 20% from its record level to hit $2,300 in the next 12 months. With an expected further downside in US real interest rates, the bank analysts raise their 12-month gold price forecast to $2,300 an ounce.

So far in 2020, the price of Gold is already up 35% to a recent trading price of $1,956.30, But it’s just getting started.

In August, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway bought 20.9 million shares of Barrick Gold worth about $564 million to its portfolio, its only new position in the period.

Take a look at the incredible 2020 gains to date of other similar Jr. mining stocks:

  • Arbor Metals Corp – 6200%
  • Kesselrun Resources Ltd  – 1400%
  • American Lithium  – 1230%
  • Melkior Resources Inc – 1215%
  • Blackrock Gold Corp  – 1150%
  • Pan Global Resources Inc – 1000%
  • Strikepoint Gold Inc  – 975%
  • Callinex Mines Inc  – 830%
  • Kore Mining Ltd  – 800%
  • K2 Gold Corporation  – 745%
  • Maple Gold Mines Ltd  – 700%
  • Metallic Minerals Corp – 690%
  • Vizsla Resources Corp – 680%
  • Starr Peak Exploration Ltd – 630%

If you accept basic assumptions for debt increases, crude oil prices and the S&P 500, a gold price of $2,500 to $4,500 in five years seems likely.  But there’s a way to invest in Gold as if the recent jump of 35% had not yet happened. We’ll get to that.

I am suggesting if you are not already on board the gold train that you grab a seat before it gets really up to speed.

It’s also important you understand why Gold is — and always has been — the world’s favorite safe haven. During times of uncertainty, insecurity, economic or political upset, war, devaluations and pandemic, Gold has always come out on top.

Throughout history, as currencies gave way to inflation, Gold has always maintained its purchasing power.

Remember back in 2008 when Fed Chairman Greenspan began to prop up the economy and stock market by printing tons of more money out of thin air to save the economy? All this excess money did boost the stock market, but it also saw the price of gold sour.

From September 2010 to September 2011, gold prices jumped 50.6 percent, due to speculation surrounding an uneven recovery and volatility in the U.S. financial markets, with Gold reaching an all-time high of $1,917.90 an ounce in late August of 2011.1

Now we’re faced with a new crisis. This year the coronavirus and its aftermath, basically shut down the economy and has us on the brink of a severe recession.

The virus triggered panic-mode action, and so far, this year, the Fed has pumped over three trillion dollars into the economy. That’s the biggest single bout of money creation ever.

That’s more than three times the amount spent in the years following the 08 financial crisis. It’s also more than the money that was spent to pay for all of the U.S. wars combined… the American Revolution, Civil War, World War I and World War II. And it’s not over yet.
And the politicians are fighting about pumping in another three trillion.

There’s no question the Fed is going to keep the printing presses going as long as this recession lasts. And the amounts involved are going to be astronomical.

The point being, as in the past, the more make-believe money out there, the greater the value of Gold.

This is what’s driving the current bull market in Gold.

There is little doubt that the more U.S. dollars floating around out there, the lower the value per dollar and the higher the value of Gold.

Former Morgan Stanley Chief Economist Stephen Roach says the dollar will drop 35% against other major currencies.  More fear, more safe-haven seeking, more gold buying, at higher prices.

So, if Gold is a good refuge, the question becomes how best do you invest in Gold now?  Is it too late?  My research is telling me for all the reasons I’ll get into this one still undiscovered stock (OTC:QMCQF – TSX.V:QMC – FSE:3LQ) is poised to duplicate the spectacular gains already posted by most gold stocks as you position yourself for future gain? We’ll get to that in a moment.

And, is it really smart to put all your eggs in one basket?

What about the other big-money maker I mentioned?  What about lithium and the electric vehicle revolution?

As I said in the beginning, lithium is the other place to invest now. Keep reading; it gets even better.

I’m going to make the case for lithium briefly and then, as I also said earlier, I’m going to explain why you no longer have to split your money between the two and why this unknown Company (OTC:QMCQF – TSX.V:QMC – FSE:3LQ) is strategically positioned to become a catchup play for both gold and lithium investors.

We already covered Gold. Here’s the lowdown on the other half, lithium

Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming:

  • Electric car revolution is just starting – dozens of new electric car models are on the way from GM, Ford, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Subaru, Volvo, Mercedes, Porsche and others.
  • The era of the lithium-ion battery is still in its infancy – the next decade will see massive growth at every level of the supply chain.
  • A rapidly growing market for electric vehicles has resulted in the falling cost of production of lithium-ion batteries.
  • Volkswagen says it will turn out three million electric vehicles a year within two years.
  • Goldman Sachs conservatively expects demand for lithium to triple by 2025.
  • In addition to electric-powered vehicles, the growing need for large storage batteries for wind and solar farms has already increased the need for lithium.

Gov. Gavin Newsom, Governor of California, the world’s fifth-largest economy, announced the end of selling gasoline-powered automobiles within 15 years. Under Newsom’s order, by 2035. every new passenger car and truck sold in the state shall be electric or otherwise “zero-emissions.”

Thirteen other states and the District of Columbia already follow California’s fuel efficiency standards, and auto manufacturers are already building cars to meet more stringent specifications.

California already has the nation’s largest market for electric and hybrid vehicles. The state saw approximately 256,800 registrations for electric vehicles in 2018, according to data compiled by the Energy Department.

Tesla, the country’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, announced a plan to increase its battery production in order to build 20 million battery-powered vehicles per year. Tesla revealed its new ‘4680 cell’ which delivers five times more energy capacity and six times more power than previous cells, key factors to fulfil its long-term objective to sell a low cost mass-market electric vehicle

Musk announced “In about three years from now, we are confident we can make a compelling $25,000 electric vehicle

“We’re gonna leverage all of the North American resources that exist for nickel and lithium, and just doing that, localizing our cathode supply chain and production, we can reduce miles travelled by all the materials that end up in the cathode by 80%,” said Drew Baglino, Senior Vice President of Powertrain and Energy Engineering at Tesla.

So where is all that North American lithium going to come from?

QMC Quantum Minerals Corp (OTC:QMCQF – TSX.V:QMC – FSE:3LQ) is a British Columbia based company engaged in the business of acquisition, exploration and development of lithium and gold resource properties. Its objective is to locate and develop economic precious, base, rare metal resource properties of merit.

The Company’s properties include three major projects in Manitoba.

  • The Irgon Lithium Mine is an advanced stage, near-term production lithium project in South-eastern Manitoba.
  • The Namew Lake and Rocky Lake projects are located in the world-class mining region of Flin Flon and Snow Lake.
  • The Rocky Lake project hosts a VMS deposit, both the Namew Lake and Rocky Lake have shown significant mineralization from past drilling.

The properties have all been previously drill-tested and reveal the potential for BOTH a significant gold-copper & other VMS metals deposits along with readily mineable lithium that indicate this still undiscovered stock (OTC:QMCQF) is positioned to mirror the huge gains of some of the other Jr mining stocks listed above.

The latest news from QMC’s ambitious development program.

Due to the increased demand for both Gold and lithium that lit fires under all of those exploration stage mineral stocks, here’s the latest news from still undiscovered QMC.


October 6, 2020, Vancouver, British Columbia: QMC Quantum Minerals Corp., (OTC:QMCQF – TSX.V:QMC – FSE:3LQ)

The Company just announced an update on its Rocky Lake volcanic massive sulphide (“VMS”) property.

QMC Quantum Minerals’ Rocky Lake and Namew Lake projects are located in Manitoba’s world-renowned Flin Flon Mining District in Manitoba, Canada one of the country’s most productive, centrally located mining regions.  Manitoba is one of the world’s most productive mining regions for Copper, Zinc, Nickel, and Gold and for the past 100 years has accounted for approximately 6% of Canada’s annual Copper production, 12% of Nickel production and 24% of Zinc production.

The region contains 31 developed VMS deposits, including the Rocky Lake VMS deposit, from which more than 170 million tonnes of sulphide ore have been mined or are under development.

Exceptionally high Au contents of many of these deposits, including Flin Flon (62.5 Mt @ 2.7 g Au/t) and Lalor (9.9 Mt @ 5.7 g Au/t in the Au zone), make them particularly attractive exploration targets.

  • District scale project with similar geology to the nearby Lalor (27Mt) and 777 (22Mt) mines
  • Previous drilling on Rocky Lake Property intersected significant VMS mineralization
  • Previous QMC drilling returned 10m of 0.48% copper (including 0.80% over 1m)

The Rocky Lake VMS discovery within the company’s Namew Lake Project was discovered by HudBay Minerals Inc. (“HBM”) in 1987 through an airborne survey. This survey identified a 5km long conductor and was followed up with ground EM surveys that outlined a 1,500m conductor. Historic HBM was drilling on the property intersected 10.3m of mineralization grading 0.38% Cu (including 4.3m @ 0.67% Cu). This intersection included high-grade sections (up  to 3.0% Cu across 0.3m).

The previous EM surveys, commissioned by QMC, suggested that some of the strongest portions of the HBM electromagnetic anomaly had yet to be tested.

Now the latest data suggest that the HBM drill program was carried out on the footwall side of a potential mineralized body, thereby missing the main target. Copper mineralization intersected in the HBM drilling is present as stringers which is currently interpreted as representing footwall stringer mineralization adding credence to the interpretation that the main massive sulfide mineralized body may well have been missed.

Additional geophysical surveys undertaken for QMC over the conductor and subsequent detailed re-interpretation of data suggest the conductor is seated at a depth of 200m and is at least 1,000m long.

QMC believes that its recent drilling confirmed the top of the conductor as two drill holes (RL 12-5 and RL 11-2) intersected significant visible chalcopyrite mineralization. Drill hole RL 12-5 cut a 10m thick, semi-massive sulphide intersection grading 0.48%  Cu (including 0.80% Cu over 1m). Drill hole RL 11-2 was terminated in massive sulphide at a vertical depth of 193 metres.

Assays returned grades of 0.26% copper over a 0.3m wide, semi-massive sulphide intersection which contained approximately 20% iron sulphides. The company anticipates that proposed additional deeper and step-out drilling along the conductor could expand the mineralized section and develop a larger zone of significant VMS  mineralization.

The company’s Namew Lake Project covers over 55,000 acres and is contiguous to the western side of Hudbay  Minerals’ (HBM-TSX) Namew Lake Mine which has produced 2.57 million tonnes of copper, nickel, Gold, silver,  palladium, and platinum.

The Namew Lake Project is also in the vicinity of the currently producing 777 and Lalor mines, in addition to being proximal to the past-producing Reed Lake Mine. In addition to being in close proximity to these other deposits, the company’s district sized Namew Lake Project displays similar underlying geology to the aforementioned mines.

Total resources for HBM’s Lalor and 777 deposits are as follows:

Mine Resource Copper Zinc Gold Silver
777 21.9M tonnes 2.6% 4.4% 2.1 g/t 26.9 g/t
Lalor 27.1M tonnes 0.7% 5.1% 2.8 g/t 27.3 g/t

Lithium QMC’s Energy Metals

September 22, 2020, Vancouver, British Columbia: QMC Quantum Minerals Corp. (OTC:QMCQF – TSX.V:QMC – FSE:3LQ)

The Company also announced an update on its Rocky Lake and Rocky-Namew volcanic properties.

According to its newly updated data, its Irgon Lithium Mine boasts a high-grade lithium deposit containing a historical economic resource of 1.2M tonnes grading 1.51% Li2O (est. 236,000 tonnes of 6% lithium concentrate, $345M gross)

Their flagship project, the Irgon Lithium Mine is just 20 km from the Tantalum Mining Corporation of Canada (“TANCO”) TANCO Mine, North America’s most successful lithium mine to date.  The property was developed by Lithium Corporation of Canada (“LCOC”) in the 1950s.

With a shaft already drilled and a historical (non NI 43-103 compliant) resource estimate of 1.2 million tons grading 1.51% Li20 over a strike length of 365 metres (1,200 ft) and to a depth of 213 metres (700 ft), the mine was ready to go into production in 1956.  The project is expected to be QMC’s first mine to reach production, with the potential for 5M+ tonnes ($2B+ of lithium concentrate).

  • World-Class Flin Flon-Snow Lake region is home to 11 mines, including Hudbay Minerals Inc.’s (“HBM”) Lalor Mine and 31 VMS deposits.
  • 41 identified gold-copper-zinc target
  • Drilling confirmed a 1,000-metre long target with visible chalcopyrite in drill core;
  • Easily accessible to excellent infrastructure.

The Company has initiated planning of the proposed 2021 work program on its 100% owned VMS properties located in the mineral-rich Flin Flon-Snow Lake Area of Central Manitoba. These properties, the Rocky Lake and the Rocky Namew, are known collectively as the Namew Lake District Project.

To date, QMC has completed a significant amount of work on the project, including Geotech’s Versatile Time Domain Electromagnetic (“VTEM”) system survey which outlined 41 targets. Detailed re-interpretation of the VTEM data by  Maxwell Modelling on the main Rocky Lake massive sulfide target showed the presence of a deep-seated conductor (target). This conductor is at least 1,000 metres long and at a depth of 200 metres.

Four drill holes tested the conductor with two drill holes confirming the top of the conductor, intersecting massive sulfide mineralization at a vertical depth of 193 metres. The drill holes confirmed the presence of massive sulfide mineralization with visible chalcopyrite. Based on the results, it is now reasonable to assume that there could be potential for a deposit scale mineralization.

The project is located immediately west of Provincial Highway 10, 65km northwest of the town of The Pas and 40km south of the mining center and former smelter at Flin Flon. The property is accessible year-round by 4-wheel drive and by all-terrain vehicles, and the Hudson’s Bay rail line is east of the property. Important infrastructure including access, goods, services and supplies are readily available.

Hudson Bay Mining and Smelting/Outokumpu Oy’s former Namew Lake Nickel-Copper Mine is located 11 km northwest of the Namew Lake District Project. Prior to its closure, this mine produced 2.57 million tonnes grading  0.63% Cu and 1.79% Ni, and 0.1 g/t Au, 4.1 g/t Ag, 0.5 g/t Pd, and 0.6 g/t Pt.

The Flin Flon-Snow Lake region has been an extremely productive mining camp, having produced numerous VMS  deposits since the initial copper production began at the Mandy Mine in 1916. The Flin Flon Greenstone Belt hosts  11 mines and 31 developed VMS deposits, many of which host exceptionally high gold (Au) content. Included within these deposits are the Flin Flon Mine (62.5Mt @ 2.7g Au/t) and the Lalor Mine (9.9Mt @ 5.7 g Au/t in the Au zone).

HBM’s Lalor mine is located east of Flin Flon, in the Snow Lake area of Manitoba and northeast of the Rocky Namew Project reported reserves of 19.4Mt grading 3.15% zinc, 4.22g/t gold, 0.85% copper and 27.55g/t silver (reference: HBM news release of March 30, 2020).

Gold? Or Lithium?
QMC Quantum Minerals

It’s up 300% so far in 2020

QMC stock began the year trading at $0.080 and closed recently at $0.240, and with an average daily trading volume of under 200k, it obviously has not yet been discovered.

QMC’s management’s extensive experience in the field of mineral exploration and development gives us a competitive advantage in discovering, appraising and advancing mineral deposits; particularly, overlooked resources with high upside potential. QMC also draws on the tremendous experience of its management in the realm of corporate finance and public markets, which will prove invaluable in acquisition, financing, and creating shareholder value.


1 https://www.bls.gov/opub/btn/volume-2/gold-prices-during-and-after-the-great-recession.htm

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